Check Processing

Remittance Systems simplify the collection and processing of account receivables by “capturing” images of checks and associated documentation (such as payment coupons) into a digital format for electronic processing and transmission to a financial institution.

Payment Processing  – Digital Payment Processing will automate the data entry of account receivables through the use of a desktop check scanner and software that captures information from payment coupons, statements, full page documents, check stubs and checks, plus electronic bill pay processing.

Web Remit – webRemit was designed from the ground up to be efficient, easy to use, flexible, and cost effective for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.

Desktop Remit – Desktop Remit is a full featured remittance processing system design to be used at the desktop with a standard desktop check scanner and a basic PC.

ePM – Electronic Payments Manager eliminates the paper checks by concentrating all payments electronically from the various banks and processors.

Intelligent Fields – Intelligent Fields from Jaguar Software will finish the job by automatically completing the fields you need for posting your payments.