Here are the recommended specs for our software :

MirrorImage Client Workstations / Stand Alone Processing Stations

OS: Windows 10 or newer

Hard Drive: 40 GB(1GB Free)

Processor: Minimum Specs 2.8Ghz Pentium

Memory: 1GB

Other: USB2 (high speed)

Recommended Specs Core i3 or higher 4 GB+ 80GB Windows 10 Pro Removable Backup
* - XP Home and Media Center Editions and Vista Home and Home Premium Editions are not supported
MirrorImage Server Specifications

Server Installations

Specifications for Server Installations are typically tailored to the needs or your network environment but some good specs for planning would be:

OS: Windows Server 2016 or newer
CPU: Quad core CPU recommended
Memory: 8 GB ram
SQL Server 2016 or newer
Recommend at least RAID 1 protection for database drives

Database disk space can be calculated by the following equation: (15Kb per item) X (number of items per day) X (number of days live) = total db space

Number of days live is the total number of days that you want to retrieve images from the live database instead of pulling from an archive.
Disk space should also consider the size of your backup device.

Virtual Server

Virtual Server environments are supported as well. The following specifications are recommended for virtual server environments:

CPU: 2 Cores
Memory: 6Gb or higher
Hard Drive: Our application & item storage could be up to 20Gb in addition to the OS, etc.