A Quick Overview of the Check Archive System
Looking deeper into the components of the Check Archive suite will help to demonstrate the power and usability of each piece and highlight the demands that implementing such a system requires.

Scan (CACapture)
The Check Archive item processing procedure starts with CACapture, which captures groups of items (known as batches) utilizing an image enabled item scanner (known as a transport). These items are written to a database with both the MICR field information (ABA, Account Number, Check Number, Amount) and images of the items (front and rear). The operator configures the run, loads items in the machine hopper and then begins the capture. The capture process will run continuously with limited input from the operator who will clear jams and interact with the software when the occasional sorter errors or misreads occur. After the batch of items has been captured, repaired, and balanced, the process is completed by committing the items to database.

Once runs have been captured and committed they are stored in the Check Archive database. Utilizing Research items may be recalled to provide access to past checks at any time. Research provides your institution with the power and flexibility to query your database based on criteria such as dates, amounts, and even account numbers to ensure all needed information is at your fingertips.